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Client Success Story

“I have been a smoker my whole life. Ever since I was a teenager and after two sessions with Lydia, I haven’t touched a cigaratte in two weeks! Lydia helped me learn how to relax and relieve stress through natural methods and I feel much more motivated to take care of my health and my body!

Would highly recommend her!”

– Jennifer B.

Do you keep telling yourself  that you’ve had your last cigarette but find yourself going back to it in times of emotional stress?

Are you trying to focus more on your health but at the same time needing a cigarette to take off the pressures of every day life?

If you have a bad habit – such as comfort eating, smoking or an addiction to gambling or alcohol, for example, then you can probably answer these questions for yourself. A lot of us simply can’t kick a bad habit on our own – we tend to say that it’s because we don’t have the willpower to actually carry it through.

The fact is that any kind of bad habit takes hold of you both psychologically and physically. So, when you try to kick the habit yourself you have to deal with a lot of mental stress and physical side effects that can really throw you. So, for many people, it’s simply easier to pick up the bad habit again to make the uncomfortable symptoms go away.

This doesn’t make us weak or mean that we lack willpower – it simply means that our bad habit has taken such a hold we need external help to deal with it once and for all.

How Can Hypnosis Help You to Quit Smoking?

There are all kinds of methods you can try to help you kick a bad habit. Most of these will try and appeal to your brain on a conscious level. So, for example, you might go along to a ‘Quit Smoking’ group where you socialize with other smokers and counsel each other on the effects of smoking and so on.

On a purely rational level you will walk out of a meeting knowing that smoking is bad for you and knowing that you want to quit smoking.

But, it isn’t that easy. The rational side of your brain might be telling you all this but your subconscious may still be hanging on to the fact that you are a smoker and could be telling you to go into the nearest store and buy a pack right away! So, to put it simply, hypnosis deals with the subconscious thus making it far easier for you to quit effectively.

Going for hypnosis sessions to cure a bad habit will simply help ALL of your mind focus on the goal of giving up. The methods used by hypnotherapists vary. Some, for example, use a form of aversion therapy that makes you feel slightly nauseous at the thought of smoking.

Others simply tell your subconscious that you are not a smoker so – after your session, you’ll act like a non-smoker because your brain is telling you to.

Can Hypnosis Help Me Stop Smoking?

Much of smoking addiction is a mental attachment to the regular routine of smoking. We discuss your daily routine and the associations you make with smoking including what may be triggering you to smoke. While I believe the habit pattern is a much greater obstacle to quitting smoking than nicotine addiction, I find that understanding how nicotine really works helps most people to let go of it more easily.

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing, and when you can enter a highly relaxed state of trance for a duration sufficient to trigger the parasympathetic relaxation response, this clears away stress, giving you the best possible starting point for success.

Many people are concerned that they will replace smoking with another habit, especially eating. My goal is to help you quit smoking by feeling relaxed and in control without the restlessness that causes people to substitute other behaviors. When stopping smoking, it is best to get nicotine out of your body as soon as possible.

Reducing smoking gradually is not easier than stopping at once. It only drags it out and causes you to focus on the habit even more. It is best to stop completely when you are feeling motivated to do it. Get it over with, and let hypnosis help you adjust quickly to feeling like a nonsmoker.

Does it Matter How Long I Have Smoked or How Much I Smoke?

Heavy smokers who smoke between half a pack and two packs per day can succeed just as easily as those who smoke only a few. In fact, some heavy smokers sometimes quit more easily than occasional smokers. In either case, I tailor the process to your specific behaviors.

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