The Road to a Decluttered, and Peaceful Mind: Guided Meditation

Learn How To:

  • Regulate your emotions and tap into your core feelings & thoughts


Ready to Scale Your Business & Charge Your Worth?

But Struggling to Find Your Dream Clients?

What if you could present yourself in a way that people trusted you and wanted to buy from you the moment you got in front of them. As a coach, leader, or consultant who has a gift or message to share with the world, it can feel frustrating when we are dealing with prospects who don’t care what we have to offer and constantly battle money and time objections… Maybe you hear complaints that your services cost “too much” and then feel discouraged or confused. We might internalize these things as “we’re not good enough” or “not worthy of the life or money we want to make”…

That’s why Lydia Kathryn specializes in helping world class coaches, leaders, and  speakers  step into their most confident, effective, and highest  versions of themselves in order to sell high-ticket program and services in order to create the impact and the freedom you need to and change the world. 

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Does This Sound Like You in Your Business?


  • Coach or consultant with an important message for the world

  • Feel like a hidden gem nobody knows about

  • Can’t find your dream clients

  • Uncomfortable charging more for your services

  • Fear prospects will claim your “too expensive” or walk away

  • Feel like you aren’t good enough or have “imposter syndrome”

  • Struggling to profit or make ends meet

  • Work around the clock with little to show in return

  • Over-give and struggle to say “no” and set boundaries

If this is you, it’s time to embrace your true self to be the leader that you want to charge the money you deserve for your time and the value you provide.

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What Do You Need To Grow Your Business?

Stress Relief

Remove anxiety and stress to create more productive lifestyle.

Motivation & Focus

Increase motivation and maximize focus in your business to save time and energy.

Anxiety & Fears

Get help for fear of public speaking or fears when speaking to potential clients.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Maximize your self-confidence and self-esteem to speak your mind with authority.

Are You Going To Continue To Let Time & Money Slip Away? 

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